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Marijuana extract is essentially a wax-like material with very little to no THC and CBD the main active ingredients of cannabis. This is obtained by extracting marijuana and trimming away any leaves or stems. The CBD is not broken down during this process, which means it retains much of its medical value. This substance is also known as CBD icing. While, marijuana extract is not the only way to gain these beneficial health benefits, it is the most accessible.

When you look at cannabis extract what you see is mostly a clear sticky wax with a bit of marijuana oil included. To make this oil you must heat virgin olive oil to around 160 degrees Fahrenheit then boil it. Once boiling, it should then be filtered to remove all traces of water. The resulting substance will have a consistency similar to what oil from marijuana tastes like. In addition to oil, the resulting product may contain a bit of marijuana residue if there is very little.

While cannabis extract seems harmless, there are issues with using this product for anything other than cooking and topical applications. It has been discovered that marijuana extract can fall within the category of new drugs codeine analgesics. It has been discovered that some individuals who suffer from severe pain or chronic conditions such as AIDS or cancer may fall within this category. With this discovery, there is a high likelihood that medical marijuana could soon be legalized across the United States.

As mentioned above, cannabis does have many health benefits and it is not surprising that people desire an alternative form of ingestion when their body is telling them they need it. With that said, marijuana users must be careful of how much they consume, especially if they fall under the influence of another substance. Ingesting cannabis can result in a high, euphoric sensation that may be difficult to shake off. The same thing can happen when consuming higher doses of the oil or other forms of cannabis. When taking into consideration the many reported side effects of cannabis consumption, there is no wonder that more individuals are now turning towards alternatives for their supply of this highly addictive substance.

white widow floraison The way marijuana extract is made is by distilling cannabis in a special glass vial. The resulting product will have approximately one percent of CBD oil. This one percent is only a fraction of the amount of THC, which is found in cannabis. However, the substance is still concentrated. When this concentrated substance is heated up it will release the concentrated essence.

If the THC and CBD oils aren’t combined with another substance, such as terpenes, this new cannabis extract would not be potent enough to be used on one’s own. The terpenes work with the individual systems in the body and the resulting product is much more powerful than just THC alone. When combining the two, the person would experience the desired effect much more effectively.

There are some notable exceptions to this rule however. For instance, the new drug code for marijuana extract excluded the substance from the definition of marijuana completely when included in an over the counter remedy. This was decided upon because the active chemical in THC is also the chemical in the substance that induces a euphoric sensation in the user. It is this very fact which has made marijuana extract a popular replacement for the “street” drug. The extract would act on the body much like THC does, but without all the undesirable side effects.

Considering the fact that the new drug code for marijuana extract oil may exclude the substance from the definition of marijuana entirely, there are several products that have been developed to take its place. However, these products may not necessarily be pure marijuana and may not also be effective. Therefore, it is up to the consumer to do their research and find a product that works with their particular body chemistry. Many consumers are also happy to note that many companies producing these products are working hard to make sure that their products are actually effective, so there should be no cause for concern when using them to relieve or cope with a specific illness.